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Green Star Products, Inc. (GSPI) creates economically competitive, environmentally friendly, sustainable algae based fuel, food and materials, as well as innovative and cost effective green technology for lubricants, coatings and cleaners.

Scalability of commercial algae production from proven advanced proprietary research by Green Star into nutrients and processes is now exponential.

Additional commercial and industrial products and services are developed by GSPI in partnership with other companies worldwide focusing on renewable resources, reduced emissions and improved efficiency.

Biodiesel and DHA from Algal Oil Now Commercially Scalable
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TVT Green Lubricants and Protectors
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More Power and Lubrication - Less Fuel and Emissions
Reduced Friction - Extended Engine and Equipment Life
Automotive, Truck, Rail, Marine, Industrial
Environmentally Friendly


New Biodiesel Refinery Construction by Green Star Products, Inc.


GSPI Coatings One-Coat, Patented Rust Encapsulation,
Interior and Exterior Surface Protection Coating
Also, Ceramic Based, Super Heat Insulation Coating,
Enamel Finish Sealer and Other Industrial and Commercial Coatings
Environmentally Friendly


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